The days when company’s aircon is down

It had been 2 and half days since the aircon was down.
The feeling?Agitated,frustrated,anoyyed and all the bad words can come out from one’s mouth.
I experience it and I don’t like it.

I wonder how those people working without the aircon?How they adapt and survived.As for people like me,who have been used in working in an aircon when suddenly the aircon gave way…don’t even say 2 days…1 day itself is enough to make me sweat like hell.
Imagine when the fan is blowing behind me but I still sweat?What does that proves?

But again,I wonder how does the person incharge don’t even realised that the pump ok let’s talk about 1 pump then spoilt,why does the person does not get it repaired and have to wait for the 2 pumps to spoil then get both repaired?Make people suffer not 1 day but a week.Taking their responsibilities seriously or just for the fun of it?

Whatever happened,the aircon is back to normal and all of us can work peacefully and happily…

If I could turn back time….

Year Year 2010 coming to and end soon…just few more days…suddenly felt so “emo”…

How I wish I could turn back time.There will be so many things for me to ammend in my life.How I wish this and that did not happen.Yes,I is a matter of choice.I chose it and I should lead it.

Sometimes things happened for a reason.But at times,we could only regret on what,why,who,where it happened?Why me,why this,why that…At the end of the day,we could only realised what we choose,that is the life we have to lead.

Only thing I could do now is to sit and visualise of what I should choose to change…just hope life will be a better one for me in  2011.More money,more happier and of cos find a soul mate…hahaha

When you are being surrounded by idiots.

How I wish I am not being surrounded by idiots.When I say idiots,they are really idiots.

Few days back was talking to Diva when she suddenly asked about froggy,used to be one of my good friend.Now no longer.I have already discard her from my life even in my contact list.Soon is my FB,will remove her from there.I don’t lose anything if  I have no contacts with this type of people.Diva understand how I feel but she also don’t want to say so much.I already told her upfront that I will just ignore froggy on Hana(her daughter who is also my god daughter) birthday party this Saturday.

Next is those idiots in my working place.When I say those people,I am refering to those old timers.As usual,the nyonya is a real pain in the ass.She is sucking my blood.She got the cheek to tell people off about not knowing to do their job.Then she know ar?Hello,you yourself also don’t know how to do your job despite you have been working here for damn fucking years,yet you yourself? And I get most pissed off when she start to talk to her other “kakis” in the workplace about her maid not knowing how to do her work well etc.She need  a BIG mirror to place infront of her before telling her maid what to do.

Next is the pampered woman in my department.Let’s called her PW.She got this one kind of attitude that I really get very pissed off!She is not in talking terms with MA by all means is her problem lah.But why must your damn fucking attitude to me.With that hearless and brainless character you have plus the stuck up face that I just feel like punching!Real attitude!I don’t step on your tail,by all means you don’t ever step on mine.If not,you are sure asking for it.

MA is another fickle minded heavy ass.Now that she have a bf and so called that confirm getting married next year.She been talking on the phone and kept reporting strength on what she do as small matter as buying food in the canteen…?Why the hell you need to do that?I get pissed off is not because I jealous but I was talking to you halfway but yet you can dial your bf no and tell him that you are buying your lunch?WTH?Talk finish to me first before calling your hubby lah.And told me about not going for the farewell dinner this Friday.You are the one who wants to eat at that place and we managed to change it and now you say you not going?Reason due to need to clean your house?Hello….you can always do it weekends like you normally did.Easy say…when there’s a will,there’s a way.

Those who do not understand the meaning of queieng

It is either you do not go to school or you are a person with no basic courtesy at all.
It happened on a Sunday afternoon where I am already perspiring due to the hot weather.But some people or should I say an idiot moroon spoilt my day.

I was queieng at NTUC White Sands to pay for the groceries that I had bought since I am already there.Thought of just going to NTUC near my place which is the West Plaza.Think that incident  might not happened if I were to go there earlier on.

The queue was already a long one which took me almost 15mins(consider this is the longest timing)to get my groceries being scanned and paid for it in any NTUC Fair Price. Then came this moroon who simply just came infront of me and proceed to the cashier.I was like &%^& …what the hell man?

I quickly went over to her and say “Auntie,can’t you see I am queieng here?And you just simply cut the queue?”
She just remain silent and proceed for her payments.I was getting more frustrated with her ignorance.
The worst part is the cashier can also took her things and scanned in order to make her pay for it. I was like…???Shouldn’t it supposed to be my turn?But how come the cashier can even ignore me there and proceed with the moroon payments?The moroon just walked away without even say sorry.She is a real bloody pain the ass,I tell you.

That part already boiled my blood up.Never mind,knowing myself….I will just be angry that moment and forget about it.So,there I went to Mac Donald’s bought my favourite chocolate milk shake,drinking it with a smile and enjoying it.

Walking towards the bus interchange to board bus no 359 going home.I was talking to my sister (Wani a.k.a LB) about a new game that I just download via iPhone.Telling her how the game played and there we were in another queue to board the bus.

Thought it won’t be another bad incident.So,just queue patiently for the bus.5 mins later the bus came.As I walked towards the bus,at the end of the junction,that moroon appeared again and there she jumped into my queue and boarded the bus again.I was really growing MAD this time and I was till LB knows that I was pissed off  that she don’t dare to sit with me.

She sat behind where I sat in the middle just behind that moroon.I purposely talk out loud.I did not bother about the crowd in the bus.I think there are about half in the bus sitting.

Me(purposely talk out loud):Wa liao!Some humans are really damn idiot!Cut queue already don’t know how to say sorry or worst pretend nothing happened.Guess she never got to school or perhaps no parents to teach her the basic courtesy lor.
Moroon:Excuse me,are you scolding me?
Me:You think who I am scolding then?
Moroon:But you can’t say like that scolding me and get my parents included etc…
Me:Oh…you know the meaning of angry?(By now,my tone already high)Then,why in the hell you cut my queue?Why can’t you at least say excuse me or what?
Moroon:But you can’t simply scold me like that?(getting frustrated with the look that I gave her)
Me:Do I care?If you yourself don’t even bother to say sorry,why must I even bother to think before I scold you?Who the hell you think you are?Even old people also know how to queue at times!
Moroon:But you got no right to scold me like that,gal!(her tone becoming louder)
Me:(Even louder)Then next time don’t cut queue lor!Singapore is a country full which pratice courtesy but idiots like you spoilt the market!Moroon you!
Moroon:(start scolding me in chinese)then take her things preparing to alight.
Me:Really lor..! Only idiots scold a person in a language which another person don’t understand.Otak bodoh makan babi!

Moroon alight 3 bus stops away before me.

By the time I alight,LB then come after me.She was telling me that the people in the bus were looking at me only.People angry already where got time to notice the surroundings,she ar…

Just a bad encounter for me that afternoon.Too bad,we are living in the world where we are being surrounded by idiots at times.

Heart feels empty?

When come to my friends having problems,I can always advise them be it good or bad things.But when problems landed on me,why am I so difficult to face it?

I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing?But I have to admit,yes my heart feels empty and no one knows.It kind of hurt me alot when my sis kept saying about her fiancee and my mum kept talking about her son in law to be.I was even telling my mum that no worries I am ok with them talking about my sis fiancee(BM) but I can’t deny myself that I felt hurt with it whenever I faced them…hiazz…

At times,I just wonder if I will be able to have my happiness…?when?With who?Wondering why when I like that someone,it’s either the guy already attached,married or he not interested or even worst when my love was poured all to him,but was being hurt.Why when I being  honest,but I was cheated.And yes,I am talking about MC here.

I met MC’s sister on Tuesday night at Giant.We talked for awhile.Although MC is closed to his sister,he did not tell her sister why he cheated on me.He only told her that “Lina is not meant for me.” WTF??? Then what are we doing for the 2 stupid years?You did not even explained to me why you do that but you just give that simple answer?What are you trying to prove?Well,I know…I may not have the looks that you wanted ,the body that you wanted and that is why you have never put our photos over the net.Giving the fact,you are embarrased to even show me to your friends?It’s ok,I know and I jolly well know that you are such a bastard idiot who do not entitiled to be in my heart!And I really regret knowing and get along with you and yes that is the fact!!!

God is Great and He know what is the best for me.
Overall,I redha dan pasrah…

Eve of Hari Raya Haji

Ok peeps,today being the eve of Hari Raya Haji,it’s officially for me at least not to do OT.And shall go back early compared to normal days.And that’s what I am looking forward for…countdown for few more hours…hehehe

As normal,me and SL will exchange emails regarding what’s happening everyday etc. That’s the least we can do to make sure that we still keep in touch.For now,SL is the only gal friend that I will want to make sure that I keep in touch with no matter what.I must say she is the one who so far understand me well and of cos at times I do give her headache(normal lah for me)but she still treasure my friendship and I will of cos unless when comes the day she tell me that she no longer want to be friends with me lah.That’s why I know that I always have her to count on to share my happiness and sorrows.

At the same time,Maybelline,Parrot and me were exchanging emails talking about tomorrow public holiday and what to do etc.Parrot was saying that got to do somethin like hang out under the void deck when I told him better not cos we young ladies and young men don’t do that any longer as that only happened during our past…hahaha…oh ya….he was also mentioning about him being FAT due to the food that he consume lately.Maybelline was like …???? if that he called FAT then how about Maybelline herself..? I told Parrot off that he is not FAT but he has put on weight that’s for sure.Sometimes I don’t understand Parrot character.He is a weird guy.Salute the gal friend who can endure his nonsense….lol

Anyway,before the day ends,I wanna wish all the Muslims a Selamat Hari Raya Haji.Can’t wait to have feast at home later…Ketupat,here I come…!

Ass hole in the department

Ok,I know…it’ been a very long time since I update my blog…and well,I will make an attempt to do so from now onwards.

I just wonder why are those type of people,whom I mean idiots around me.
Just because they are elderly,or should I say older than me behave like one damn small kid?
You want a respect from me when you yourself  not giving any respect to me?Why?Because you are an elderly and I have to respect you first?Please lah ,it will not happen to me.You can go to hell with your “so -called” principle ya.I don’t give a damn to you.

Here I am talking about one of my colleague let’s call her Nyonya(Ah-Soh).
She is far old who I should respect her like a mum due to her age but please,she don’t deserve any respect from me.
We had a misunderstanding and she had made herself clear on not talking to me.Fine,it goes just fine with me,old auntie.
The reason is cos she wants me to respect her and say sorry to her?Did I hear wrongly?Oh please! God,why do you give me such colleague?She’s fucking sucking my blood everyday!

I tried to avoid her but her damn fucking bloody mouth is so LOUD that the whole dept can hear her.Just because she is the eldest amongst us,doesn’t mean she can shout as and when she like?She will shout to the technicians,the shop managers and even to most of us working there.
My manager ever asked her why she must talked so loud or rather shout at people.And you know what she can answer?
“My voice is like that one mah,from day one is like that what.Where got shout?”
Oh well! When it comes about work,you will shout at people as if people owe you money.But when come to personal stuffs,you can talk so softly on the phone as you don’t want others to hear you right?
You are just one damn fucking asshole that’s all I can say.
And as for me,I had enough of you and I won’t talk to you unless work matters.Other than that,you have never exist in my eyes!
Monday blues start- with an assehole shouting around in the department making my ears burst!